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Botched: Say Yes to the Breasts


Botched: Say Yes to the Breasts

Move one step at a time

By Ashley Thompson


Heather has zombie boobs. No they’re not dead, they just look like saggy corpse skin. Her first boob job was a DD from an A. She feels that bigger breasts opened more doors in acting but her main competition was Pamela Anderson. For a different take on Hollywood she decided to try for different, more reserved parts. In order to look the part she got a reduction. Her doctor came up with a new technique called a bolster lift. Basically he put two screws in her chest to adjust the lopsidedness from the reduction. It only lasted a week and then the pain began. When she went to her post-op appointment he told her to rush herself to the hospital where she was diagnosed with MRSA, a flesh eating disease. Heather had to have both breasts taken out and irrigated. She’s here a year and half later to see if the doctors can help her get her figure and her career back. To begin Dr. Dubrow will need to put in a mesh liner to increase her skin collagen and prevent a wound breakdown before he can put in implants. While in surgery he realizes there’s a lot of scar tissue affecting the shape of the breasts. The good news is that the D size implant fits comfortably in the breast pocket. Back to work, Heather!

Evelyn has a saggy stomach. During her early teen years her mother would make her wear girdles. She met the father of her children at 16 and was another of two by 19 years old. This increased her insecurities about her midsection. After her breakup she rewarded herself with a tummy tuck to win him back. But she didn’t have much money so she went to Mexico for the surgery. After surgery she noticed a lot of discharge, puss and redness. She uses crystals and spiritual guides to push away negativity so she feels she’s ready for a change even though it’s a high risk surgery. Dr. Dubrow is worried about getting through her scars and pulling the skin too tight causing skin death. Bringing along sage and several meditation pieces, Evelyn shows up for surgery and smokes the place out. The anesthesiologist was very accommodating by placing crystals under her head during the procedure. Sporting a crop top, Evelyn surprises her husband and he is nothing but pleased. Time to build a fort out of sheets.

Jacob has had several rhinoplasties. He was Persian-born and Swedish-raised. The first thing he wanted after graduating high school was a nose job. By 22 he had outgrown his first nose job and his second procedure was done under local anesthetic and only took 10 minutes. The doctor said it had healed incorrectly and would fix it free of charge. The fourth surgery yielded no better results and Jacob lost all hope of having a functioning nose again. Dr. Nassif calls this a “humpty dumpty” case because he has to put the pieces back together again. During surgery Dr. Nassif finds that the inside does not match the outside due to excess scar tissue. By putting in cadaver skin he is able to restructure the nose. “Wowzers!” says Jacob’s boyfriend. Looks like everyone is happy.


Photo credit: E! Entertainment

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