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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Finale: The Winner Is…

Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Finale: The Winner Is…

Move one step at a time

by Ashley Thompson

From the beginning of the season, the Judges (and apparently the fans) have thought that David has been the heart of the competition. No one has ever thought he would make it to the Finale, yet here he is. Hard work, smiles, tears and all. In fact, it’s rare that two athletes like he and Rashad would have made it this far. Apparently Rashad logged in over 362 rehearsal hours, over 100 hours MORE than his competitors. But they are holding their own against Normani and even though it would seem that being in a pop group would give her a leg up (see what we did there?), it hasn’t necessarily been the case. There is no doubt girl can dance.

We have to get through a crew of guest appearances like Hailee Steinfeld, Heather Morris (who KILLED it with the lady-pros routine), hip thrusting mister-pros, advice from winners of seasons past, One Republic, Lady Antebellum, and TLC. There’s also a chance to see why the other contestants didn’t make it this far in the competition. Well… no one really knows why Simone and Heather aren’t here. Hmmm… WHO CARES??! Charro is back, but performing on her guitar instead of on the dance floor.

Every finalist couple gets to dance their favorite dance from the season one last time. Just to remind us why we love them so. We see you at your Magic Mike audition, David.

But we are here for one reason and one reason only… to find out who will win the Mirrorball Trophy. Well, after the final judges scores and votes from last week and last night, we have the results:

But first, more dances. Fusion dances.

David and Lindsay – Foxtrot/Salsa – 36/40
Normani and Val – Argentine Tango/Foxtrot – 40/40
Rashad and Emma – Cha Cha/Tango – 39/40

Ok, ok, here’s the real results:

3rd Place – Normani and Val – Ummm…. ok? Anyone else a tad confused about this season? Must be the fans.

Now it’s the NFL vs MLB
2nd Place – David and Lindsay


Photo credit: ABC/Adam Rose

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