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‘DWTS’ Recap: Movie Genre Night and Double Elimination

Dancing with the Stars

‘DWTS’ Recap: Movie Genre Night and Double Elimination

Move one step at a time

by Ashley Thompson


Each couple gets to dance to a different movie genre while Disney promotes it’s latest project, it’s original movie, Descendants 2. You think you know who is staying and who is adios, but probably not! Mandy Moore, the choreographer of LaLa Land not the pop princess, gets to try and figure it all out tonight, too, as a guest judge. You know she knows her stuff so no arguing with her. Seems like a good time for a double elimination.

Bonner and Sharna – Western – Paso Doble – 29/40 – What could’ve been more perfect for a rodeo cowboy? Did he nail it? Well… it was lack luster but was fitting and he seemed to enjoy it.

Nancy and Artem – Romance – Tango – 36/40 – A lovely dance, sure. Romantic? Not really. The judges obviously liked it, though.

Simone and Sasha – Silent Movie – Charleston – 37/40 – Could Simone get any cuter? Perfect pic for her adorable self.

Nick and Peta – Action – Argentine Tango – 34/40 – For a guy who said he held back because his calves were cramping, those are some pretty decent scores.

Rashad and Emma – Horror – 37/40 – Rashad took the genre idea home and wrote out a script about a serial killer who dances with the bodies of those he kills. Then Emma took that and choreographed a dance. Very clever of the pair of them. And not too terrible of dancing by Rashad, may we add.

David and Lindsey – Sci-Fi – Salsa -32/40 – The whole thing is funny. Her farting in his face, Sci-Fi Salsa, futuristic imagery.

Normani and Val – Foreign Films – Argentine Tango – 40/40 – Normani has a strain but they are allowing her to continue in the competition. And that makes us very lucky because she killed it.

Now they dance-off. Two couples on the floor, the same time, the same music, the same style, and the judges pick their fave. They have to prepare three dances just in case.

Simone/Sasha vs Nancy/Artem – Cha Cha – WINNER: SIMONE & SASHA
Rashad/Emma vs David/Lindsey – Jive – WINNER: RASHAD & EMMA
Bonner/Sharna vs Nick/Peta – Rumba – WINNER: BONNER & SHARNA

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?? Normani and Val won immunity with their perfect score, but two couples are outta here. The couples in jeopardy are David, Nick and Nancy in jeopardy. The TWO couples leaving are: NANCY and ARTEM, NICK and PETA.

Photo credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

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