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‘DWTS’: Top 5 Performances and an Elimination

Dancing with the Stars

‘DWTS’: Top 5 Performances and an Elimination

Move one step at a time

by Ashley Thompson

It’s Trio Night for the top 5… BUT, the judges have picked the partners for each couple! That means you won’t see Whitney with Lindsay this season! You’re bummed, we know. We also get another elimination so the sadsies continue.

First Round:
Rashad and Emma – Jive – “Shake Your Tailfeather” from Blues Brothers – 36/40 – Anyone else think he just missed his leap and fell on her face? Well, no, it was a trick… but they nailed it.

Normani and Val – Contemporary – “Free” – 40/40 – Their second perfect score of the season! Is Normani the one to beat, now?

Bonner and Sharna – Argentine Tango – “Believer” – 30/40 – Tensions in rehearsals sure did lead to a good performance. Unfortunately the judges know the competition is too steep right now to be just ‘good’.

Simone and Sasha – Foxtrot – “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” – 36/40 – Simone was NOT impressed with the One Direction song Sasha picked of her.

David and Lindsay – Waltz – “Humble and Kind” – 36/40 – Such a cute dance, but with these types of scores we can’t wait to see their trio dance.

Trio Round:
Rashad, Emma & Whitney – Argentine Tango – 39/40 – Premise: A man in a relationship is being tempted by another woman (Whitney).

Normani, Val & Alan – Jive – 39/40 – We learned in their pre-dance package that Normani may have little crush on Bonner. Will this western dance make it even more so?

Bonner, Sharan & Britt – Jazz – 28/30 – “Intertwined office love triangle” which means sexy secretaries and a boss on the verge of a lawsuit.

Simone, Sasha & Britney – Paso Doble – 36/40 – This is new because the accompanying partner is also female so Simone has to bring it all to compare. And did you catch Tom saying to Simone, “I was expecting you to smile at some of the compliments.” and Simone’s quick quip, “Smiling doesn’t win gold medals.” !!! SNAP! He has since said on social media, “Loved @simone_biles crisp response to my clumsy question.” No malice here. But what were the judges thinking with their 9’s??? It was a 10 performance all the way around.

David, Lindsay & Hayley – Paso Doble – 29/30 – Instrumental versions of “Gangsters Paradise” are creepy as hell. Also, super effective in a Paso routine. The judges scores were not nice, but David looked super happy at the end of his routine so that’s all that really matters.

In jeopardy are: Bonner & Sharna and Rashad & Emma. We know what you’re thinking, Bonner is the next to go. In the semi-finals are: Normani & Val, Simone & Sasha, David & Lindsay. Going home is… ::SPOILER ALERT:: You were right, Bonner is out. Sorry, fella. The 4 semi-finalists will perform again Monday night at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Photo by: ABC/Eric McCandless

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