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Naked and Afraid: Determined in Belize

Naked And Afraid

Naked and Afraid: Determined in Belize

Move one step at a time

By Ashley Thompson


Shannon, a wellness and yoga teacher from Ohio, and Leonard Cassidy (Cass), former solider and ex-cop from Philadelphia meet naked and not yet afraid this week in the hurricane ally of Belize. Her PSR score is a modest 6.9 and he comes in with a 7.2. Their tools of choice are a knife and his is a magnesium fire starter (appearing to be much more effective than the push starters others have brought), which seem to be the most popular survival items this season. Their map suggests they hike three miles to a possible campground, then make their way through a “labyrinth” of the largest prehistoric limestone caves in the world to their extraction point.

Although Cass and Shannon quickly find dry shelter, that they don’t have to use their energy resources to build themselves, it’s evident that physicality won’t be the issue for them on this challenge. As each day passes it becomes more apparent that starvation is their number one concern. Well… the other concerns will be the scorpion spiders, rabid bats, and reptiles that inhabit the caves they are looking to share. FYI: when you throw rocks at monkeys, they will throw back… with better aim.

Another commonality in this episode as with the previous episodes this season, is the use of snake as the staple of a hungry mans dinner. For Cass and Shannon, it could not have come at a better time. After days of torrential rain and storms, Shannon looks lighter than one of those ancient Mayan skeletons left behind in the caves. They just haven’t had the chance to leave the cave for food due to the risks of hypothermia.

Luckily they have a mental bond that keeps them protective of each other, which in turn keeps them determined to keep the other motivated to complete the challenge. By the end of the 21 days, Shannon has lost 20 pounds and her PSR goes up to a 7.2, while Cass is down 21 pounds and his PSR is raised to a 7.4.


Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

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