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Naked and Afraid Season Finale: Bolivian Brains

Naked And Afraid

Naked and Afraid Season Finale: Bolivian Brains

Move one step at a time

By Ashley Thompson


In the heart of South America, between the Andes and the Amazon, there lies an extreme climate tropical storms, flash floods, frigid nights, and suffocating humidity. Not only that but it harbors the most venomous snakes on the continent, giant poisonous spiders, pumas and stinging scorpions. Welcome to Bolivia, and the Naked and Afraid season finale.

Here we meet Sabrina, a stay-at-home-mom and Wiccan from Georgia who has never been out of the United States (with a PSR of 6.7) and Vincent, a full-time survival instructor from Arizona (impressive PSR of 8.2. Between the two of them they bring a hatchet and a stick fire starter. Their map suggest they make their way through dangerous marsh and down the river 8 miles for a plethora of resources and a chance for base camp. If they make it they will need to trek another 5 miles up steep terrain to their extraction point.

Four hours into day one and her bum is already sunburned and she is heaving from dehydration due to the triple digit temperature. Luckily for her, her partner picks her eucalyptus leaves to ease her stomach cramps. But how long will her stomach last after drinking the water near a waterfall at their base camp? Even though the porous rocks may be filtering the water, the parasites may still remain. Do they have a choice?

Only eating a baby falcon for days leads Sabrina to make a pentagram wreath to cast away the bad omens and cast a protection spell. It doesn’t seem to work after seeing the ominous clouds approaching, then experiencing torrential rain for three days. This does not bode well seeing they have build their shelter in a flash flood zone. Since it’s too rainy to hunt, it makes me wonder when that mandatory Naked and Afraid snake is when you need it.

After 16 days, Sabrina calls the medic for Vince (at night no less, which is a huge deal seeing the crew leaves at night) but after diagnosing him with dehydration, malnutrition, and fatigue, he is cleared to continue. However, Vince taps out (dropping his PSR to 7.1 and after dropping 20 pounds), leaving Sabring to fend for herself. My question is, does she get to keep his fire starter? It’s going to come in handy when she tries to eat the parrot brains. Yep, that’s right. She finds a parrot head (head only) and decides that eating the brains would be a great idea. Her final words before we see her wailing and crying are, “I pray that I don’t regret it.” Soon a medic is called for due to Sabrina’s severe abdominal cramping. Fearing appendicitis or severe infection she is evacuated immediately, ending her challenge one day short. Her PSR is raised to 7.5 for making it almost the entire three weeks, and she only lost 10 pounds.

UPDATE: After ending his challenge, Vince experienced ill health for over a month and was diagnosed with three very serious tropical diseases including the deadliest form of malaria. His recovery is ongoing.


Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

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