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‘RHONY’: Bidding on Love Episode Recap

The Real Housewives

‘RHONY’: Bidding on Love Episode Recap

Move one step at a time

by Ashley Thompson


For some reason, though, it’s still the Ramona vs Bethenny show even though Bethenny is way past this issue already despite Ramona’s side jabs and coarse tone. Ramona needs to listen to her much wiser daughter about communication, methinks. Basically, Bethenny ain’t got time for this ish. She is still feeling the wrath of her divorce even though she has signed the papers and all of the emotions are finally coming to the surface. Bethenny may get her opportunity to be done now that Ramona has her sights set on Luann. In fact, she is so intent on grabbing the fire with both hands, she invites Luann’s fianceé’s ex-girlfriend to cocktails. Lady, look…. what are you doing?? It is a juicy story, though. Chick thinks her and Tom (Luann’s fianceé) are exclusive but walks into a bar and finds Tom and Luann OBVIOUSLY together. Yeow.

It looks like Bethenny kind of wants on this Luann train, too. And no one will come out alive. Remember she was the one who disclosed his cheating ways last year, and she has no intention of getting involved again. She has finally met Tom, now, and all parties seem cordial. For now. We hear a woman named Barbara, apparently Luann’s friend, say to Carol in the background: “She’d rather go through with it and get divorced than call it off.” Uh oh. TMZ reported that Barbara thought it was a private conversation and Bravo did not have permission to air the conversation between her and Carole and requested an emergency court order to stop the airing. The judge ultimately ruled in Bravo’s favor, rejecting Barbara’s motion to block. That’s a lot of drama. A new cast mate in RHONY future?

“Two goofballs who pretend to have their shit together.” Says Sonja about Ramona and Tinsley. But… I mean… pretty accurate, huh? If a (41 year old) Tinsley wants to make out with a (23 year old) younger man, so shall she. Except Sonja wants to remind us all that there is a very specific list of the type of man Tinsley is allowed to become involved with if she wants to get married and have kids. If Bethenny and Carole’s relationships are anything to compare to, perhaps making out in bars is where Tinsley should stay. Expect if he is getting I.D.’d and you’re not… maybe the age gap will be a little too much?

Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/Bravo

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