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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2: Episode 13 Recap

The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2: Episode 13 Recap

Move one step at a time


by Chandra Clewley



This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey begins with Teresa and Joe planning daughter Audriana’s christening party at The Brownstone.  It will be Christopher’s first party on his own as an event manager, and Dina Manzo returns in the episode since she is the God Mother. The event is cute, and it is so nice to see Dina again. Joe is terribly annoyed with the entire situation because money is a bit tighter now, and he is worried about Teresa spending too much on the party. 


Meanwhile, Danielle takes Christine to an embarrassing appointment for both of them with the Ob-Gyn to have a talk about sex and in particular, the HPV vaccine. The tension is palpable, but Danielle is being a responsible mother.  Later, she visits Kim G. and shares with her that although Danielle’s adopted mother did her best, there is part of her that desires to find her biological mother. Kim G offers to put her in touch with someone that can help her. 


Christopher visits his buddy, who happens to be Kim G’s son, and Kim G visits with the boys, trying to enlist Chris’s help in getting Caroline and she together for a lunch. Later, Christopher is at work when his mom stops by to congratulate him on his year anniversary at The Brownstone. He mentions to her that Kim G wanted to have lunch. Caroline is not at all interested and thinks it is a muddy situation since Kim G is friends with Danielle and she would rather steer clear of it. She declines the offer and says that it has nothing to do with Kim G, but that Kim G is friends with Danielle. 


Danielle takes her girls to dinner and while there, Christine tells her that a friend of hers was getting a wax, and that according to the esthetician, who does Teresa’s eyebrows too, Teresa is telling everyone that Danielle is looking for her biological mother.


Did you get that? 


Danielle->Kim G->Jacqueline->Teresa->Esthetician->Christine’s Friend->Christine->Danielle


(Remind me NEVER to move to Franklin “Busy Body” Lakes, New Jersey)


 Now, the only way anyone could know this is through Kim G, since she is the only one that Danielle told. So, Danielle knows that Kim G not only is friendly with “the enemies” but also that she is talking about conversations that were probably better left in confidence. 


A little later, Kim G walks over to Jacqueline’s house and says she HAS to talk to her. Jacqueline is a little caught off guard, since she has her son, and is still a little upset with Kim G for playing both sides by walking Danielle into the court house.  Kim G says she has been up all night and that she is upset with Danielle because Danielle is telling people “not to be friends” with her any longer.

According to Kim G, Jacqueline was completely right about Danielle and Kim G has been so blind to it. Jacqueline makes a point of telling Kim G that is appears she is being completely two faced and if Danielle has found out, then she doesn’t blame her for being upset. Kim G should have been honest with Danielle about who she is friends with.


Finally, Danielle and Kim G meet for lunch and Danielle lets the cat out of the bag. She knows that Kim G is sharing information with “the enemies”. Kim G has a point when she says that she isn’t in a fight with them, Danielle is, but then throws her napkin at Danielle and has a temper tantrum that not only brings everyone in the restaurant to a stop, in order to watch the scene unfold, but also seems to “out crazy” Danielle, so Danielle can’t even get into her crazy mode, she just sort of wants out of there as fast as possible.


 It goes something like this: “You know what, I’m sick of you telling me what to do. I have been a real good friend to you, I have done a lot for you, I gave you my chauffer, and you are a GD F-ing liar and a sneak Danielle (throwing napkin) ok? And you know it…you’re not going to run away are you? (as Danielle is grabbing her bag to leave), I had enough of your shi#, your sneakiness, your distrust, you’re not loyal, you’re not a friend, and I had enough of your shi#, (chasing Danielle to parking lot) you’re f-ing jealous, that is what you are, (hands on hips),yeah you are, everybody is right about you, get the F out of here, piece of shi#, I have friends, you have no friends, look at you, you will be an old F-ing lady with f-ing square tits.” Said Kim G. 


First of all, it sort of leaves you hanging, wondering how it all escalated to that point? I think even Danielle is wondering what hell just happened… Secondly, it should remind viewers that Kim G is a complete switch hitter, and if she had been real friends with Danielle in the first place, do you really think she would have had an outburst and said things like this? Perhaps, the real puppet master in this entire season has been Kim G, playing both sides until she can win the good graces of the Manzo clan? That would put her right where she wants to be?


Find out next week, on an all new The Real Housewives of New Jersey, 10/9 c on Bravo.


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