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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4: Episode 10 Recap

The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4: Episode 10 Recap

Move one step at a time


by Mike Bandy


The last week of the Moroccan adventure is upon us!


We started out with the brunettes rallying around Jill, who was still shaken from her encounter with Ramona, and vowing that she would never be treated that way by anyone again. Meanwhile, the blondes focused on Ramona, who was equally upset about the situation. LuAnn came into the room to scold Ramona, and Alex asked her to leave. Alex said that she didn’t understand why LuAnn is interested in watching other people’s pain. Kelly, on the other hand, was somehow the voice of reason in the whole thing, and told Ramona that she wasn’t taking any sides, which Ramona really appreciated.


Hey, let’s all pretend that nothing ever happened! The ladies went to a belly dancing bar where they got to watch women shake their stuff with candles on top of their heads. All in all, it was pretty…expected. 


The next day, most of the group (minus LuAnn and Ramona) toured a palace with a tour guide, and Jill asked tons of questions that I’m not convinced she heard any of the answers to. Back at the riad, later on, Alex and Ramona were talking about the altercation with Jill (and subsequently LuAnn), and Alex tried to console Ramona as best she could. Alex agreed to be on Ramona’s side, but what happened next was a little unexpected.


LuAnn, Kelly, and Cindy were all getting henna tattoos, when Alex came storming in and said she needed to talk to LuAnn alone. LuAnn said she didn’t know what Alex was trying to create by storming in, and there was nothing she couldn’t say in front of the other women. Meanwhile, Kelly lambasted Alex for not being authentic. Yeah, ok. Anyway, Alex let LuAnn have it, and said that LuAnn was mean to Ramona during a time when Ramona needed consoling. LuAnn said that it was none of Alex’s business, and dismissed her. Alex wouldn’t go, and said that Ramona was so vulnerable, and LuAnn attacked her, and said that she’s a snake to Ramona. LuAnn called Alex a witch and told her to go back to the cabinet she crawled out of.


As if Alex hadn’t had enough, Kelly then scolded her for being loud and trying to fight other people’s battles, which just got Alex even more upset. She told Kelly that she was angry, and Kelly said, “No, you’re not angry. You’re sad.” First of all, when did Kelly become a psychologist? The woman can’t even get through a confrontation without Sonja or a bag of gummy bears. I feel bad for Alex; the woman has finally found her voice, and nobody seems to want to hear it! I really felt for her.


Meanwhile, Sonja and Ramona went and took a drunken peek at the kaftans that were being made for them. Yeah.


Later that night, the women were supposed to meet for dinner in the riad at 8pm. At least, that’s what LuAnn said. All the blondes of the group didn’t seem to have any idea when dinner was, and according to LuAnn, asked to have dinner in their rooms, which is, of course, frightfully rude. Alex finally came down and apologized for being late, and LuAnn started in on her again about their argument from before. Kelly decided to step in and physically remove Alex from the room, because she’s clearly the voice of reason here. Ugh.


Then, Ramona and Sonja showed up, and LuAnn was heated when they asked what was for dinner. She stormed out of the room, and Kelly told Ramona to find her and apologize, which she did. Kelly just doesn’t want to be uncomfortable, LuAnn wants everyone to stop being rude, and I want these women never to travel together again.


The next day was their last day in Morocco, and Jill and Ramona made up, by way of Jill returning Ramona’s bathing suit. They agreed to try and be more sensitive to each others’ feelings, which essentially means that we’ll see them at each others’ throats at the reunion. Then, for no reason, the women attended a cooking class and ate whatever it was they cooked together. Blah.


Meanwhile, back in New York, Mario and Simon were playing pool, and Mario took a photo with a barmaid, whom he ogled. Foreshadowing?


Back in Morocco, the women were getting traditional Moroccan makeup done, and putting on their kaftans in preparation for a dinner at a very exclusive restaurant for their last night in Morocco. I swear, all these women do is eat and throw stones at each other.


The conversation centered around each woman’s favorite part of the trip. Most of it was boring – Alex liked the spa, Cindy’s was the camels, Sonja’s was the tour guide (duh).


Next week, “the fallout from Morocco begins!” Isn’t this season over yet??



The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.


(Image courtesy of Bravo)

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